Talent Development

Identifying and nurturing tomorrow’s leaders is a non-stop job for any business. For one simple reason: Quality businesses are driven by quality leaders.

The Talent Development Company provides a path for identifying and growing talent, with the goal of helping businesses improve performance, one future (quality) leader at a time.

The company is an offshoot of Alghanim Industries, which has long embraced a simple but incredibly powerful philosophy when it comes to career development. And that ethos boils down to this: Managers should reward and promote employees who perform and excel. No qualifiers; this is the foundational idea and driver behind the success of Alghanim Industries, one of Kuwait’s oldest and largest businesses.

Indeed, at Alghanim Industries, performance excellence is the yardstick of performance — for everybody. Even the company’s CEO, Omar Alghanim – whose family patriarchs founded and grew the business more than 100 years ago — had to earn his way. (Omar’s first job out of Harvard: selling used cars for Alghanim Automotive, one of the largest and oldest GM dealers in the Middle East.)

Likewise, The Talent Development Company (“TDC”) is similarly focused. The management team is comprised of international experts who embrace and embody the Kuwaiti-Western ideals that the Alghanim family pioneered in the Middle East, via Alghanim Industries. Working in partnership with clients, TDC offers talent management assessments as well as consulting and practical development services to help build successful corporate cultures. And by that we mean, cultures that reward positive performance, promote based on merit, and encourage openness and collaboration up and down the management chain.

Alongside this team are carefully curated partner organizations that work seamlessly with TDC to offer holistic talent management, assessment and coaching.  Other topics covered by our talent counselors include, but are not limited to: How to locate talent; how to retain talent; preparing for future talent deficits; how to adapt international “best practices” in leadership for the Gulf region; and more.

For more information about The Talent Development Company, please visit us online HERE.